Seana is a media producer for LACMA and has been shooting and editing art documentaries this year. Her art videos are in collections at London's Pace Gallery, Oh Wow, and Perez Galleries.  Seana was DP for Damon and Paul McCarthy's Rebble Dabble Babble which opened at MOCA and toured Berlin in 2015. She also worked on the River of Fundament film with Matthew Barney.  She edits in the traditions of visual jazz.

Seana's series of performance based interventions called “Self-portraits as the Artist” exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and were performed at The National Museum of Women in the Arts, at The National Gallery of Art, and at The Hirshhorn Museum.

She now records and edits her installation based performances. Sculpture, projection and costume help to tell her rich and complex stories. se puede.

WHAT’S YOUR "20”, WASHINGTON, D.C.? ABOUT THE ARTIST Seana Carroll has worked in film, television. She has received scholarship from George Washington University, Mount Vernon College,and a degree in Fine Arts from The Corcoran College of Art + Design. She has edited narrative and documentary features and shorts. Her camerawork can be seen in the web archives of NPR’s “Savvy Traveler” to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her sculpture, paintings, and video art have been exhibited in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York. Having worked in film production before going to the Corcoran, I am both paying tribute to the city I was raised in, as well as researching the very medium I focus on, as it pertains to my environment and heritage. With dramatic historical themes, valiant heroic action, spectacular settings, period costumes, and a large cast of characters this piece resonates with the same epic proportions that all Hollywood films do. This entitled, What’s Your “20”, Washington, D.C.? , is a compilation of clips from throughout the history of Hollywood movies that have been filmed in Washington, D.C. It is unique in that, by relating the clips to each other, the over 150 D.C. based films, made since the advent of the feature genre, can come together to make one fluid filmic tour of Washington through the Hollywood lens. “This is a structuralist montage of appropriated footage from Hollywood films. It suggests to me that D.C. is as much an idea as it is an actual geographical location.” Bernard Welt, film theorist. In this day and age, with so many actors turning to politics, it is a wonder the semiotics of this particular genre of film have not been more closely scrutinized. The question is how does Hollywood portray the Nation’s Capital? After watching over 200 films that have been shot in D.C. it became very clear what types and stock characters were emerging.  I felt there were only three characters that emerged from this piece they were just played by different actors from different films. For example, the constant running of the men in suits in contrast with the contemplative heroines purposefully defines an element of old Washington that still rings true. Wedding plans and alien invasions collide on postcards of Washington monuments as each famous location is showcased. At one point the viewer is pulled into the black and white television  ---  Bernard Welt suggests that a black-and-white Hollywood reveals a closed composition of iconography.  
However, humor became a large part of this editing process as well and I
found it very interesting how certain clips predicated by location were able to dialogue with each other on levels that I did not anticipate ie Nixon and Planet of the Apes meets at the

Seana Carroll